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Thanks for visiting the Food As Therapy blog.  My name is Carlos and when I finish my super exciting day job battling the bulls and bears of the world, I have to find an escape.  That means I infrequently cook, occasionally bake, when there’s sufficient time barbeque, and spend the rest of the time trying to be dad, husband, brother, etc.

So where did this all come from, you ask?  Excellent question!  This all started when I moved my family up north (from the sun and fun of South Florida) to the wilds of Connecticut.  (Hey, when you’re used to an absolute low of about 50`F, any place where frozen water falls out of the sky is definitely wild!)  My daughters found themselves in a “tree nut and peanut free” school and they needed to bring in cookies and/or cupcakes for a class bake sale.  Since my wife doesn’t bake unless it comes in a Betty Crocker or Duncan Hines box (although she is a fantastic cook), it fell on me to help.  Thus began my first real foray into baking.  Freely admitted, the precision of baking appeals to the engineer in me and suddenly I found myself relaxing when I baked.

Fast forward a few years, throw in a return to South Florida and I’ve decided to share some of my relaxation in the kitchen (or from outside making barbeque) as well as a few other musing in the form of a blog.  Hope you enjoy it and thanks again for visiting!

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  1. Mini R. Bernal permalink
    August 14, 2016 7:00 pm

    You must be a friend of Monchi Oyarsum, who is married to my classmate from Notre Dame Academy High School, Ana. The Oyarsum family lived in Miramar, in Habana, Cuba, where we lived before Castro. My sweetie, David, and I are true chocoholics, and I also baked my very first chocolate chip cookies with my Dad, who like you, as a passion and hobby, became a fabulous cook and baker. In the 1950’s he and my Mom went to Paris, where he took cooking classes at the Cordon Bleu cooking school. I love your blog, and enjoyed it tremendously. Thanks for sharing your recipes and cooking experiences.

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